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Training mission in Japan for EU managers

We announce you that the EU-Japan Centre for Industrial Cooperation is now accepting applications for the 8th edition of its influential programme: “Get Ready for Japan.”

This exceptional opportunity is tailor-made to equip companies with in-depth knowledge of Japanese business practices and communication styles. By participating, companies will gain the insight needed to identify lucrative business partnerships and understand the decision-making processes within Japanese firms. This programme is open to SMEs based in the European Union or a country affiliated with the Single Market Programme’s SME Pillar.

Join the “Get Ready for Japan” programme to expand your business in Japan!
Programme Dates:
– 21-25 Oct 2024, 1st phase online
– 11-15 Nov 2024, 2nd phase in Japan
This enlightening training programme aims to help managers and executives from EU-based SMEs understand the intricate Japanese business practices, gain profound insights into decision-making processes, and strengthen relationships with Japanese partners.
EU-Japan Centre covers training expenses
Participants cover travel and living expenses in Japan
Selected participants pay a €1000 refundable deposit.
Apply now to seize this opportunity!

Find the application form and additional information available here:

Get Ready for Japan – Oct / Nov | EU-Japan

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